How Can NetballSelect Help Me?

When it comes to running an event to select Netball Teams for a local club, representative club or even a state team, the hours of unpaid administration done by volunteers begin to add up very quickly. Events can quickly spiral out of control with players not knowing where they need to be as they haven’t heard their name get called out and time is lost during the night, limiting the amount of viewing time for selectors.

So, here at Inspire Sports Media Pty Ltd we decided to develop a software program (NetballSelect) that not only takes care of all these administrative duties pre-event, saving you almost 50+ hours of work but allows you to run a smooth, professional event reducing lost-time during the event. It even helps cover the costs of the event including court hire and umpires to ensure the event doesn’t run at a loss.

NetballSelect allows Netball Clubs, Associations, Leagues and State Sporting Bodies to do the following: 1. Create an event and send out a registration link to interested players. 2. Take registrations from players without having to collect detailed information or handle any money 3. It also means Clubs, Leagues, Associations and State Bodies don’t need to worry about having to allocate every player equally into run sheets.

NetballSelect allows Players or Parents to do the following:

1. Find an event quickly and easily for the club of their choice
2. Register their details and make a quick and simple payment

NetballSelect will then produce 4 reports for the club:
1. Complete list of Player Registrations in Alphabetical order (each player being numbered)
2. Area Specific reports based on players chosen positions, Attack (GS,GA), Midcourt (WA, C, WD) and Defence (GD, GK)
3. Individual Player Report listing for each player the games they have been allocated to, the positions they will be playing in, which bib colour they will be wearing and which court they will be playing on if multiple courts are in action at one time (these are emailed to each player upon the event closing date)
4. Court Mappings with every player posted in their positions for each game - these can be printed and posted up at the end of each court allowing a seamless transition between each game (these can also be used by selectors to record individual feedback for players during the matches).

At the Event... This is how EASY it is really is!

  • Club administrators print all the reports and bring to the event.
  • Players arrive just prior to the commencement time and are provided with their number to be drawn on the outer calf and a second copy of their individual player report.
  • The event runs smoothly!
Why wait? If you have an event coming up and you want to maximise your time and run a professional event then head straight over to

Please note, this software is only accessible to Australian based Clubs, Leagues, Associations and State Bodies

Instructional Videos

Creating a Club Account

Creating a Player Account

Creating an Club Event

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