Frequently Asked Questions

From here you can find our frequently asked questions, divide into player or club. Simply select the player or club tab to continue.

Your photo is only used for the purposes of the club identifying you as a player.

Follow the links on the login page to reset your password. You will be sent an automated message with the instructions on how to reset your password.

Yes, players can adjust their registration details at any stage as long as it is prior to the event closing date.

Yes, if you wish to remove your application completely and not be considered by the club as you have changed your mind then a refund is applicable.

If you still wish to be considered for selections by the club but cannot attend then the fees still apply.

All you need to do is find the clubs logo/name on the home page and click on the link.

No, the only fees that a player will pay are those that the club nominate for their event.

The NetballSelect software only accepts payments from Paypal. All players must have their own Paypal account to complete their registration.

If you are having difficulties in logging in, please check the web browser you are using. Our preferred browser is Google Chrome, try opening up a brand new window to log in.

Once you have validated your account, you can log in to your account to register for your chosen Netball Club/Associations team selections by following the below instructions:

1. Log in to your account
2. Click on your player profile name in the top right hand corner and select the "Clubs Page" from the drop down menu
3. Scroll down to your clubs logo and click on the logo
4. Scroll down through the events and select the event name you wish to register for and click the hyperlink
5. Please read through the event details to confirm the event is correct then click on the registration button at the bottom
6. Follow the prompts through to the payment section where your registration will be confirmed.

You can check your registration in your player profile by clicking on the "My Events" tab. If registered for the event the details will show in this tab with the words "confirmed" next to it.


Yes, your club logo is used to help players identify your event on the NetballSelect software. It is also used on all reports that are produced by the NetballSelect software.

Yes, follow the links and you will be sent an automated message with instructions on how to reset your password.

Once your club has created an account then it is active until you close it down. Please make sure you keep the details in a safe place.

A club is charged a base fee which is calculated on the number of participants that register for their event.

Players are charged a minimum of $5 which is payable to Inspire Sports Media Pty Ltd.

Yes, as mentioned the minimum fee that will be charged by Inspire Sports Media Pty Ltd is $5 per player. Clubs are able to adjust the overall fee to suit their needs.

Yes, but only if no one has registered for your event at that point in time.

If somebody has registered for your event, the only thing you will be able to modify is the details of the event logged.

Yes, but only if they wish to withdraw before the event date closes and you have not finalised your event. Otherwise, a refund cannot be issued.

If somebody has registered for your event, the only thing you will be able to modify is the details of the event logged.

Once the event has been finalised, NetballSelect will calculate the amounts payable to both the club and Inspire Sports Media Pty Ltd and disburse funds back to the clubs Paypal account. 

It's important to note that if there are not enough players to fill the random allocations, NetballSelect will be unable to produce the game documentation successfully. In saying that, some clubs have made the decision that they don't need to see players from this age group trial, or they are just going to run a modified trials without using NetballSelect. This is completely up to you as a club, we have built in a function "Bypass Game Documentation" that will allow you to skip the generating of game documentation and move through to the next stage of notifying players whether they have been successful or not. Instructions are below:

1. Close the event as per normal (this will process the fee applicable for each event and issue any outstanding funds to you if applicable).
2. Generate and Print the Attendance Documentation
3. Select Bypass Game Documentation as seen in the image below, this will then take you through to the next stage where you can select/unselect players to either progress through to the next round or into a team selection (This depends on how many rounds you have included in your event)